NEW LOCATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ADULTS – Mondays and Wednesdays 6:30pm – 8:00pm

“NEW” KIDS CLASS 6:00 – 7:30!!!!!!

Greensboro judo club
107D Creekridge road
Greensboro, NC 27406

Phone:(336) 708-2371 Dennis Jones

Classes are run parallel, or may be staggered, depending on attendance. Judo classes are open to ages 6 years and up (Male and Female). 


SENSEI – DENNIS JONES (3rd Dan – Sandan) Judo

SENSEI – BARRY SIEGAL (3rd Dan – Sandan) Judo

SENSEI – NORMAN SUTPHIN (2nd Dan – Nidan) Judo

SENSEI – TONY JOHNSON (2nd Dan – Nidan) Judo

Sensei Siegal started Judo in 1962 and competed collegiately in various tournaments throughout the East Coast. He also coached at the college level and joined the Greensboro Judo Club in 1995. Sensei Siegal holds a PH. D in Geology from the Penn State University.

Sensei Jones started Judo on Guam in 1969. While in the US Army, he practiced and competed in various places such as Guam, Germany and the United States.

Founding Sensei / Club Founder

  • Sensei Roger Rodolphe, 8th Dan (Hachidan)-Judo, 7th Dan (Shichidan)- Jujitsu, 3rd Dan (Sandan) – Aikido (See Profile)


 $50/month individual membership with $25/month extra for any additional family member

Our courses are designed to introduce and teach you a combination of judo and jujitsu techniques. Included are break-falls, throwing, take downs, grappling, escapes,  plus chokes for 13+ and armbars for members 17+. This combined knowledge gives you the foundation and basic skills needed to Judo!!!

Additional Expenses for Class Membership

  1. Cost of “Gi” (uniform) $50-60 , depending on size needed
  2. National Federation Membership $60/year.
  3. Promotion fee $25/each.